From WV

cabin construction

I’m at the cabin this weekend and early this week. You all know my prediliction towards professional demolition, but this week I’m helping Tim build a deck extension.

Now, by help, I of course mean I hang out with Teddy and watch. Supervise. Yeah, that’s it. I supervise.

This deck better be good. I have needs.

I’m back

I’ve sort of spent more time doing Twitter than anything else lately, but I just got prodded to post more so here I am.


Yesterday we drove from Oklahoma to West Virginia. I say that like it’s around the corner, but trust me it wasn’t. The car was all jammed up with stuff so I lost my new car seat and had to curl up on Kimberly’s lap for 23 and a half hours. Tim drove it straight… he had seven Red Bulls and I think he’s finally come down from it. That stuff’s amazing… but if you need seven of anything to perform a task, I have to question the task. Maybe it’s just me.

Tomorrow we go back to WV because apparently I can’t go 24 hours without being subjected to a car ride of more than 1 hour. I’d protest, but three days in the mountains is worth it. I get to go explore… they call it going all “Louis and Clark.” Heh… that’s actually clever.

By the way: point of blogging privilege… the name’s pronounced like Louis XIV, Louis Armstrong or Louis Vitton. It’s also spelled with an “s” not an “ie.” Had to get that off my chest…

This game is boring

Tim is watching the basketball game… it appears the state of Michigan is not getting good news tonight as North Carolina is making them look like Tim’s CYO basketball team circa sophomore year (I won’t mention he rode pretty deep on the bench… oh wait, I just did…)

Tim’s been busy rehabbing his new cabin in West Virginia, so I’ve been able to go out and run around the land a bunch lately. Sounds like we may be going out there a lot starting this summer, so I’m pretty psyched. The other day I got to bark at wild turkeys. Wild turkeys! who knew they made em that way? The only way this city dog ever sees a turkey usually is at Thanksgiving and they look waaaaaaay different.

Alright, enough blogging. Don’t forget to check me out on Twitter… I post there a lot more often than I blog these days, but you probably noticed that…

happy burfday to me!

So, it’s been a while since I posted… I could go into all of the reasons why (international intrigue, massive economic collapse impacting Louis the Pug Industries, followed by a rebound and the acquisition of the other 2/3 of the Fortune 500, and… of course, a brief stay in the gray bar motel) but that might be telling too much.

Instead, let me tell you about 2 cool new things on this, the day after my fourth burfday.

(1) I got to hang out on a Caterpillar, thereby enhancing my love of commercial demolition equipment, and

(2) Tim just pulled a huge friggin tick out of my skull.

The first is self-explanatory. The second is worth describing. Man, they are guh-ROSS! I got it during cabin week in WV… I think it might have a pint and a half of LTP goodness in its gullet. Tim did a lookup and it’s not a deer tick or anything else that could do some harm to yours truly. He did slather about 5 gallons of antibiotic ointment on it now, which makes my fur look all spikey and stuff. Who knew triple antibiotic ointment was a proper substitute for haircare product?

Anyways, the tick’s in a plastic bag so I can taunt it. And if that’s not a burfday present, I don’t know what is…

Oh yeah… hockey season kicked off too. Oh, and the Bills are playing really good for the first time in my life. The gifts keep coming, yo!


Rainbound, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

it’s stormin big time here in DC… And I’m not talking about that big meeting up near the zoo featuring delegate fights. Nope, it’s raining cats and, um… More cats (heh). Now, I tend to be a bit picky about going outside under wet conditions nomatter how full my pug bladder gets… I call it rainbound. It’s terribly clever.

Meanwhile, I wait for game 4 of the finals tonight. I was in rural WV last week …. It was very gilligans island there. No phone. Not a single luxury. Luckily we had a car with a radio that managed to get a signal from Cumberland, MD – an affiliate of the other team playing in the finals (the Pittsburgh penguins). So, tim and I listened to enemy radio coverage in the car. Thankfully we won both games (I say we because clearly I skate for the red wings). Game 3 shall not be mentioned… Game 4 will if there’s a Detroit win. Stay tuned, yo.

Gotta go… Rain’s let up and, um… I gotta “go” if you know what I mean…

Watching the Wings

Watching the Wings, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

so I’m at home with Tim and he finally put down his computer so we can watch hockey. The Wings are shutting down the Stars 4-0 as my paws type this… We’re looking at a Stanley Cup finals berth and that makes this pug pretty happy.

What also makes ms happy is cabin week! We’re heading to WV with Rachel (aka new mamma… Kimberly loves that one) and James (aka James). Hopefully Tim’s dopey iPhone will get the internets out there so I can send pics and blog. They also best have satellite tv… I think the Stanley cup finals might need my attention, yo…