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dateline ltp: santa escapes my grasp

We went to the Philip Carter winery yesterday… Kimberly said there was a “Santa Buffet” which we interpreted as the presence of the old tubby elf. I felt it was another excellent opportunity for me to continue my investigation into the questionable activities of one Kris “I like to break into your house in the wee hours” Kringle.

Only, he either got wise to my presence and fled ahead of time or “Santa Buffet” just meant a spread of food during Christmas time. One of the two.

Anyways, we still managed to have a fun time. Tim and Kimberly got some wine and cheese and I managed to play with some of the other dogs (pet friendly winery!!) and snag some cheese and crackers from my peeps. All in all an excellent time.

Off to Oklahoma on Wednesday… I think I may get another crack at exposing Santa there. As we always say on LTP Investigates… “We’ll be watching…”

Worm update: I just finished my second round of medicine last night, so Tim and Kimberly get to take a stool to the vet. I never understood how taking a small three-legged chair to the vet would tell them what was in my poo, but I don’t understand a lot of things about the v-e-t.

cold but having a ball. literally.

It was cold in DC this week… like freezing cold. Now, for those of us who are from the hinterlands of western NY, we’re used to it. And frankly, being a pug… it’s much easier to breathe in the cold than in the hot. So, I go out sans sweater to play ball even when it’s in the mid 30’s (or in the single digits for all you metric fans out there).

Quick update on my worms… I think I have em licked. I hear muttering about another round of medicine in 2 weeks to get larvae, whatever the heck they are… and I have to say I welcome it. In order to take this medicine, I need to have the powder sprinkled on wet food. I don’t normally get wet food, so basically Tim just poured gravy over the muffins he bakes me. So, I might just have to get hookworms all the time, ’cause I love me some gravy, yo!

So, that’s the scoop. A lot of people wonder if I’m going to be out for the inauguration next month, but I don’t do crowds all that well, so I think I’ll kick it with tim and kimberly at the studio and watch on the tv. I’m still hoping the dog they get over at 1600 Pennsylvania is someone I can roll with. We DC dogs need to stick together…


Chillin, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

So, I got real sick the other night. I actually passed out and had a mini seizure or something… it was pretty whack. Tim carried me inside and then I felt a rumble in the breadbasket… I hurled out some mean looking black stuff, but was a little better after that. Then about 4 am I did it again… off to the V-E-T!

We get there and the lucky folks there got to rummage in my hurl and poop. Best… job… ever. Anyways, they see no blood in it (I coulda told em that) and since I was all peppy and happy at that point, they let me go. Well, not before taking my temperature, and let’s just say they must have left the oral thermometer on another desk. Yikes.

So, yesterday Tim and Kimberly get a call saying the results were in… I, Louis the Pug, have hookworm. Sooooo… I get 3 days of deworming medicine (not tasty) in my food (upgraded to mask said untasty medicine). Then we go 3 weeks, then we do the 3 day treatment again. Then the V-E-T gets to look at more of my poop.

Guess that monthly worm prevention pill took a month off, eh?

None of this explains my fainting episode though. I think it’s because I’m so ripped and pumped muscularly that there isn’t enough blood in my body to get to the brain from time to time… bam! Fainting!

You know what else causes fainting? The awesomeness of my hockey teams… both the Sabres and Wings won tonight as I convalesced. That’s fancy talk for getting better, yo…

I take it back… It’s V-E-T time


Ok, so the drool is back and now we’re at the only 24/7 vet in Charlotte. Not cool. I’m peppy and happy… Nothing seems wrong except for the cups of drool coming out of my pie hole. Tim and kimberly had to skip dinner to take me here, so they ate vending machine chips while we waited for a vet. Not cool. I drooled more…

Late night coming… Burf!!

Alright, that was a whole lotta nothin. There were lots of dogs way worse off than me in that place, so after about 45 minutes and no more drool from yours truly, we bailed. Everything’s copacetic people… I’d like to think it was an unconscious cry for attention. We know how little attention I get. (That was me being cheeky. Not thrilled with my late night humor? Back off, I had a rumbly tummy, yo!).

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great day…

I scored this present, although I do believe the tag said it belonged to someone else. What’s that about possession being 9/10 of the law?

I’m off to sleep… that portly semi-tipsy elf did me good this year. I’m going to have to sleep off some of that huuuuuge pork bone yo! Now I have to gear up for the Winter Classic in Buffalo on the first!

L is for “love me”

This is my friend Beth… she digs me. And who can argue? I’m very smart and very buff. Chicks dig the lack of snout too.

I’m trying to get everyone’s attention, but they keep playing with those compooters. Not a fan when the keyboards get more petting than yours truly.

Tim did some shopping today for Thanksgiving… he and Kimberly are hitting the Tofurky, while I’m the one who actually gets to eat meat. Yep! Turkey and brown rice… granted, it’s from a can, but it’s looking like it’ll rock.

The ride back

Tim’s iPhone went on the fritz, so I couldn’ send anymore pics. Dumb iPhone. The nice Apple people replaced it though, so we’re rockin and rollin again.

Anyways, here’s a picture of me driving the shopping cart at Wegmans on the way back. If you western NY types are checking out the blog (and I know you are), then you know Wegmans rocks. Sure, they don’t let me in the store, but I forgive them. Tim’s grandma says she remembers when Wegmans was a store pulled behind a horse… now they’re in Jersey. That’s progress. I think.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Montreal was tres magnifique. Tim and Kimberly ate poutine but gave me none of it. I barked at them as a result, and I think they deserved it. Think about it… fries, gravy and cheese curds. Is there anything more perfect??

More pics

I don’t want to sound immodest, but people dig me. Check out the food, yo! I, of course, only scored dog treats and carrots… but people were super cool and super generous. Thanks again for making this 3 year old pug feel like a billion bucks (because, LTP industries has already made me $999 million…).

I am ninja

Sunday night we went to Annapolis to hang with some friends, including my buddy Chester. It was there where I revealed my deepest darkest secret… a secret I have even kept from blog readers.

Until now.

I am a pug ninja. You can’t hear me sidle up next to you (unless of course I wish it). That cupcake in your hand? The one you dangle oh so casually, my dear? SNAP! It’s mine! I eat it whole, because I am ninja pug, and I choose to. My swiftness aids my escape into the night… my black fur covering my trail into the darkness.

Beware the ways of ninja pug… yo!

(By the way… it may look like a fawn pug in that ninja outfit, but it’s actually me… my ninja ways make it look like another pug. It’s my clever ninja tricks fooling you yet again. I dare you to leave a cupcake dangling in your fingertips again, foolish mortal!!)