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another new look

Due to popular demand (well, actually just the whim of my web designer actually) I updated the look around here. I decided to go a little more silver and honolulu blue in honor of Detroit’s suckier team in an attempt to reverse whammie the sports karma and get a second Cup to the Wings. We’ll see if this clever bit of hue manipulation works. In the meantime, enjoy the superb pictures of yours truly:

left to right:
- me from the other day at cabin lookin’ all raw and fierce with my hat on
- my roar shot from a few years back. again… we’re going with the “raw and fierce” theme
- glamor shot from NC. you know… for the ladies.
- me outside the 5th Ave Apple Store. Spokespug? You’re a Mac, I’m a Pug? We’ll work on it…
- me nabbing one of Kimberly’s designer shoes back in the formative years

basically, a rich history.

rock the park: dog yoga’s back

Greetings and salutations, yo.

Kimberly’s a big yoga person and they have this thing called “downward-facing dog” which looks more like me stretching, but whatevs. I enjoy watching humans approximate it… and they do it every May for our viewing enjoyment with pups in tow. I’ve posted about doga in past years (’05, ’06, ’07, and ’08) before… it’s baAAAAaaack!

Mark it down: May 16th, all canines invited (yeah, even puggles). Let’s show these people how downward-facing dog is really done. Added incentive… they bring out this dog baker (not a baker of dogs, but a baker of dog goodies: important distinction) so there’s free t-r-e-a-t’s for us. Here’s the scoop:

5th Annual Doga in the Park – Saturday, May 16 from 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Bring your yoga mat and your canine yogi (your own, borrow one, or come alone) for an afternoon of fun and fitness at Rose Park (23rd and P St., NW). Tranquil Space is teaming up with the Washington Humane Society (WHS), and Doggie Style Bakery to create an enjoyable afternoon focused around your four-legged best friends.

Kimberly Wilson will lead puppy parents and friends through a complimentary yoga practice for all levels in the park. Treats will be provided to humans and canines!

$10 donation requested for WHS. No pre-registration required. Just drop by! Learn more about WHS.

So, good food, good times and a good cause. Oh, and I’ll be there, so “social event of the year” too.

no hair on my chin

I kinda hit the bone a little too hard and rubbed all the hair off my lip. Kinda gross… but whatevs. I like my bone, yo.

So, I know I’ve been remiss in posting… I promise to do better. I might get me one of them Twitter accounts that posts here. I’m simply far too busy and important to write my usual multi-paragraph jobbers all the time.

I missed you all too, by the way…

Road trippin in VT

Road trippin in VT, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

we’re rockin’ New England this weekend… Kimberly is doing some yoga thing so Tim and I are hitting the road. I’ve never been to Vermont before, so we are rolling through the southern part of the state, checking in on the Bennington garlic festival and enjoying the cool gray weather. We might head back to Mass. for a nap later… All this travel wears me out, yo!!

dog days o’ summer

dog days o’ summer, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

whassup yo? I’ve been out and about and blogging has suffered. Mea culpa, blah blah blah.

Tim and Kimberly went to California for a week so I hung with Juan for a while. It was super fun. I’m doing a lot of dog park stuff during the week days, enjoying the weather. It’s pretty hot out, but not so hot I can’t go running by the water. Always nice to cool off in the creek!

Kimberly goes off to Massachusetts next week, so it’s bachelor time starting Sunday night. Arrrrooooooowwwwww! Love the boys nights out (although I think Tim already has 2 movies lined up that Kimberly’s not interested in seeing… seems I won’t be able to join for that. Burf!)

Doga 08

Doga 08, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

I think Tim takes this same shot every year. That’s Kimberly leading a yoga class that benefits my canine peeps and their friends at Washington Humane Society. Doga is dogs and yoga combined… you can see some hot little poodles in the background. I say hot not because they’re va-va-va-voom so much as it was a kajillion degrees this morning. Still, we had an awesome turnout and WHS made a nice haul. This is when I have to say Kimberly is super awesome for giving back to the dog community.

Of course, there were treats too…

Not a French Bulldog

Not a French Bulldog, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

I know I look like one, but I’m just inverted.

My boy Furley just got enrolled in Happy Pack, so there will be a familiar face at playgroup tomorrow… I think Furley’s gonna love it. It’s been a little bit warm, but not as hot as it can get in DC, but we run down by Rock Creek so we can get a little cool water on us as we tromp about to keep cool. Much better than the quick walks around the block. I mean, I like seeing my friends at Larry’s Lounge, and (of course) the variety of hottie mchot girls at Lauriol Plaza, but I need to stretch my legs yo.

But I still dig seeing the girls. Can I get both?

In hockey news… looks like the Wings get a shot at the outdoor game next season… yer going down Chicago!! Burf!