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I’m back

I’ve sort of spent more time doing Twitter than anything else lately, but I just got prodded to post more so here I am.


Yesterday we drove from Oklahoma to West Virginia. I say that like it’s around the corner, but trust me it wasn’t. The car was all jammed up with stuff so I lost my new car seat and had to curl up on Kimberly’s lap for 23 and a half hours. Tim drove it straight… he had seven Red Bulls and I think he’s finally come down from it. That stuff’s amazing… but if you need seven of anything to perform a task, I have to question the task. Maybe it’s just me.

Tomorrow we go back to WV because apparently I can’t go 24 hours without being subjected to a car ride of more than 1 hour. I’d protest, but three days in the mountains is worth it. I get to go explore… they call it going all “Louis and Clark.” Heh… that’s actually clever.

By the way: point of blogging privilege… the name’s pronounced like Louis XIV, Louis Armstrong or Louis Vitton. It’s also spelled with an “s” not an “ie.” Had to get that off my chest…

Back from OK

If you were following me on Twitter (and why the heck wouldn’t you?) then you know we had a bit of sad time in the fam… Kimberly’s grandma died last week, so we drove from DC to Oklahoma and back. I’ve been a bunch of times before, but never the full-blown 2400-mile roundtrip roadie. It was a heck of a time. Here’s some cool pics and vids from the adventure this week!

This game is boring

Tim is watching the basketball game… it appears the state of Michigan is not getting good news tonight as North Carolina is making them look like Tim’s CYO basketball team circa sophomore year (I won’t mention he rode pretty deep on the bench… oh wait, I just did…)

Tim’s been busy rehabbing his new cabin in West Virginia, so I’ve been able to go out and run around the land a bunch lately. Sounds like we may be going out there a lot starting this summer, so I’m pretty psyched. The other day I got to bark at wild turkeys. Wild turkeys! who knew they made em that way? The only way this city dog ever sees a turkey usually is at Thanksgiving and they look waaaaaaay different.

Alright, enough blogging. Don’t forget to check me out on Twitter… I post there a lot more often than I blog these days, but you probably noticed that…

dateline ltp: santa escapes my grasp

We went to the Philip Carter winery yesterday… Kimberly said there was a “Santa Buffet” which we interpreted as the presence of the old tubby elf. I felt it was another excellent opportunity for me to continue my investigation into the questionable activities of one Kris “I like to break into your house in the wee hours” Kringle.

Only, he either got wise to my presence and fled ahead of time or “Santa Buffet” just meant a spread of food during Christmas time. One of the two.

Anyways, we still managed to have a fun time. Tim and Kimberly got some wine and cheese and I managed to play with some of the other dogs (pet friendly winery!!) and snag some cheese and crackers from my peeps. All in all an excellent time.

Off to Oklahoma on Wednesday… I think I may get another crack at exposing Santa there. As we always say on LTP Investigates… “We’ll be watching…”

Worm update: I just finished my second round of medicine last night, so Tim and Kimberly get to take a stool to the vet. I never understood how taking a small three-legged chair to the vet would tell them what was in my poo, but I don’t understand a lot of things about the v-e-t.

happy burfday to me!

So, it’s been a while since I posted… I could go into all of the reasons why (international intrigue, massive economic collapse impacting Louis the Pug Industries, followed by a rebound and the acquisition of the other 2/3 of the Fortune 500, and… of course, a brief stay in the gray bar motel) but that might be telling too much.

Instead, let me tell you about 2 cool new things on this, the day after my fourth burfday.

(1) I got to hang out on a Caterpillar, thereby enhancing my love of commercial demolition equipment, and

(2) Tim just pulled a huge friggin tick out of my skull.

The first is self-explanatory. The second is worth describing. Man, they are guh-ROSS! I got it during cabin week in WV… I think it might have a pint and a half of LTP goodness in its gullet. Tim did a lookup and it’s not a deer tick or anything else that could do some harm to yours truly. He did slather about 5 gallons of antibiotic ointment on it now, which makes my fur look all spikey and stuff. Who knew triple antibiotic ointment was a proper substitute for haircare product?

Anyways, the tick’s in a plastic bag so I can taunt it. And if that’s not a burfday present, I don’t know what is…

Oh yeah… hockey season kicked off too. Oh, and the Bills are playing really good for the first time in my life. The gifts keep coming, yo!

i’m super clean

I went to the groomer yesterday and got all spiffied up. They took some trimmers “down there” so, yes once again I have been manscaped. Or pugscaped. It was good, because I ran into a nice looking fawn pug this morning while on a walk, so I was able to put my best paw forward. Always good to look good…

Tim and Kimberly are working like dogs lately (no pun intended). They get to go to the beach on Monday, but I have to stay home because the beach is totally dogist. Then again, the beach is also about a kajillion degrees with no shade, so maybe I’ll just do my regular Happy Pack walk and chill in the AC.

This Thursday we trek up to western Massachusetts – Kimberly’s doing some yoga thing with some old teacher dude, and Tim… well, Tim’s driving. Looks like some hikes in the Berkshires!

People blog on behalf of their dogs? Yeesh.

So, CNN has this whole article on weird people who write their pets’ blogs. Please. What kind of psycho would do that!?

Tim’s going to California for the week, so it’s rule free week… then I get to hang with my boy Clifford at the end of the week when Kimberly goes off to New York. Woohoo! I’m gonna run wild, yo…

Happy Easter everyone! I got an easter egg cookie from Doggie Style bakery!

I take it back… It’s V-E-T time


Ok, so the drool is back and now we’re at the only 24/7 vet in Charlotte. Not cool. I’m peppy and happy… Nothing seems wrong except for the cups of drool coming out of my pie hole. Tim and kimberly had to skip dinner to take me here, so they ate vending machine chips while we waited for a vet. Not cool. I drooled more…

Late night coming… Burf!!

Alright, that was a whole lotta nothin. There were lots of dogs way worse off than me in that place, so after about 45 minutes and no more drool from yours truly, we bailed. Everything’s copacetic people… I’d like to think it was an unconscious cry for attention. We know how little attention I get. (That was me being cheeky. Not thrilled with my late night humor? Back off, I had a rumbly tummy, yo!).

Chillin in Charlotte

Chillin in Charlotte, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

This is me chillin waiting for Kimberly to finish up her workshop here in NC. What a day.

Started off fine… Dogpark yadda yadda yadda. Then, I inexplicably began drooling luke a friggin Mastiff. Like cup fills of drool. Seriously gross. Tim had no idea what was up so he turned his iPhone to “the google” (as that guy in that white house down the street calls it… I think he’s a little slow on “the uptake” but I try to stay outta human politics). He figured out it was either upset stomach, bloat, or a new disease to be named later. Two hours of going vet to vet led us to closed vets and finally a PetSmart with a smart vet tech. One half of a pepcid later and I’m drool free and the proud owner of a new shirt that Tim thinks makes me look cool (see below). All in all… quite a day.

Next stop Asheville tonight. Hoping for some mountain runnin’ tomorrow afternoon!