From teddy

weekend goodness

My report card for the weekend can best be summed up by a text message Matt sent Tim… “Louis is the star of the fish market.”

Of course I was. I had teddy… I scored a new orange ball that actually looks like an orange… I ran up and down stairs. Heck, I had such a nice time I decided not to pee on anything indoors! Can you believe it? Check out more of the pics on the good ol Flickr page… thanks again to Matt and Jaime for opening up their new pad for me this weekend!

The great part about coming home is the countdown begins for our big cabin week… I should be able to go out swimmin (or really, wading… I’m not a terribly strong swimmer) and carousing out in Luray, Virginia.

Off for my evening walk!

New look

Yeah, I cracked the whip and got the art department at corporate to make a new header… I like the general direction, but I’m not sure about that font. It’s a little too Mork & Mindy meets 70s After School Special, knowwhatimean? Your thoughts are welcome…

UPDATE… so Blogger must hate PCs cause it only worked for Macs! Heads will roll at corporate, that’s all I know. In the meantime, we’ll go back to the regular header.

UPDATE AGAIN… smart Tim fixed the problem. Blogger’s fault… I’m calling the Valley when it hits 9 AM pacific… barking will commence, yo.

Kimberly’s off on another junket for her clothing line… we all know what that means. Again with the discipline. Tim is allegedly going to make me sleep in the dog bed tonight, but I see the clock says 1:25 AM and I don’t think he’s got the energy to kick me out of the big bed the requsite 47 times it will take for me to “get the message.” Sucker… just for that I’m bringing both teddies to bed too.

old teddy, meet new teddy

I’m a creature of habit… I like my bear. Now, we all probably can see that old teddy (right) has seen his better days. Now, that’s not to say he’s not still cool to thrash around a lot and drool over. Seriously, don’t get me wrong… he’s got YEARS of utility left. But, I’m gonna need at least that long to break in his future replacement.

Enter… new teddy (left). He’s kinda squeaky clean… not real comfortable yet. He’s very thrashable though… I think he’s got a future in him. From time to time, I’ll bring him off the bench… get some dirt on him… maybe pluck the eyes and nose off at some point. Maybe in a year or so, he’ll be the main teddy. And then maybe I’ll have to bring in newer teddy…

It’s good to have depth at the teddy position.

One false move and the bear gets it

Anyone notice that a bunch of my recent posts revolve around the destruction of a plush creature? Today’s installment is my bear. I managed to procure him in Long Island this summer (that Hamptons trip I always yap about). He’s good to swing around and hit stuff with. Not much of a conversationalist, but that makes sense… he’s made of synthetic fur and filled with some bean-like susbtance that I will assuredly spill all over the condo the moment I can get my teeth through the bear’s ever-degrading faux fur epidermis.

Heh. I sound smart.