From snow

Dude, I need some attention!


Hey you! Yeah, YOU! I need some friggin attention. All you do is type on that computer and don’t look over your shoulder and see me trying to get you to notice. It’s not like I can wave my arms around… I need them to stand, quite frankly.

We’re getting close to holiday time and I need someone to deliver my Christmas list to that crackpot elf in from the North Pole (I still don’t trust him, despite the results of last year’s investigation of one Tipsy McDrinksalot, AKA Kris Kringle, AKA Santa Claus). So, pay attention to me!! This here’s, like, critical and stuff! Snow’s on the way tomorrow and that means the fat man’s coming soon!


Cabin and makeup

So, as my silence on the blog probably showed, I was out of town this weekend… we went out to rural Virginia to hang out in a cool cabin. Lotsa animals to chase, and even some snow on Friday. This morning was kinda cool though… I found a whole thing of lipstick! It smelled good, and tasted better… I took some time to admire myself in the mirror a bit… I think a little lipstick is totally cool on a pug. And yes, I’m totally secure in my masculinity to admit it. Check out my ruby face, yo!

For some reason, Tim and Kimberly were not amused… hmmm. Wonder why?

pug buddha

Kimberly got this from a podcast listener the other day… I can’t decide if it freaks me out or not. I tried barking at it, but I was suddenly overcome by a sense of calm and, well… zen.

Anyhoo, we got some snow today here in DC and I got to tromp around a bunch. It turned to rain and ice later, so my fun was cut short… I’m hoping it doesn’t become rock solid ice for the next week like the last friggin storm. Winter needs to make up its darn mind…

don’t eat yellow snow

That’s my admonition to you… it might be my marker. This is me claiming a particularly giant snowdrift up in Whistler last weekend. I tried to write out “” but I ran outta juice… if you know what I mean. I think it says “lo”. Do you think it’s enough so that people get it and come to the site? Plenty of room here at! Thanks for all the great posts lately… always nice to hear from ya!

Kimberly remains sick… she caught some crazy Canadian strain of the cold (you guys make viruses like Americans make tanks… mega big and strong!) so she’s laid up for another day or so. Between Webster’s knees and this, I’m surrounded by illness and injury… better watch my step, yo!