From snakes

happy st. patty’s day!

St. Patrick was some cool guy who spooked snakes outta Ireland. I guess that means he gets to be celebrated like St. Valentine. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing St. Valentine did was marry people that weren’t supposed to be married, and got his head chopped off. For that girls get chocolate. Call me a St. Patrick kinda pug, I guess. Spookin’ snakes is much cooler.

Since there’s an Irish element to this holiday, it seems that those of Irish heritage celebrate the snake guy by going out and drinking beer that has green food coloring in it. In fact, it seems the holiday is so popular that people who have no Irish heritage whatsoever sneak into the festivities by wearing green and slapping buttons that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” Sneaky. Seems to work though.

Tim is celebrating his Irish heritage by watching a movie that has nothing to do with St. Patrick or Ireland (except there’s an actress named Catherine O’Hara in it… I guess that counts). This will be done following a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of… um, Chinese food.

What have you done to celebrate your heritage today? Me… I just want some friggin chicken wings to celebrate my western NY-ness, but the powers-that-be have nixed that idea. I’ll bet St. Patrick could steer some snakes over this direction and get that little order reversed pronto… I’m just sayin.