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So, I got real sick the other night. I actually passed out and had a mini seizure or something… it was pretty whack. Tim carried me inside and then I felt a rumble in the breadbasket… I hurled out some mean looking black stuff, but was a little better after that. Then about 4 am I did it again… off to the V-E-T!

We get there and the lucky folks there got to rummage in my hurl and poop. Best… job… ever. Anyways, they see no blood in it (I coulda told em that) and since I was all peppy and happy at that point, they let me go. Well, not before taking my temperature, and let’s just say they must have left the oral thermometer on another desk. Yikes.

So, yesterday Tim and Kimberly get a call saying the results were in… I, Louis the Pug, have hookworm. Sooooo… I get 3 days of deworming medicine (not tasty) in my food (upgraded to mask said untasty medicine). Then we go 3 weeks, then we do the 3 day treatment again. Then the V-E-T gets to look at more of my poop.

Guess that monthly worm prevention pill took a month off, eh?

None of this explains my fainting episode though. I think it’s because I’m so ripped and pumped muscularly that there isn’t enough blood in my body to get to the brain from time to time… bam! Fainting!

You know what else causes fainting? The awesomeness of my hockey teams… both the Sabres and Wings won tonight as I convalesced. That’s fancy talk for getting better, yo…

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great day…

I scored this present, although I do believe the tag said it belonged to someone else. What’s that about possession being 9/10 of the law?

I’m off to sleep… that portly semi-tipsy elf did me good this year. I’m going to have to sleep off some of that huuuuuge pork bone yo! Now I have to gear up for the Winter Classic in Buffalo on the first!

Why I’ve been slackin’

I’ve been so slacking when it comes to the blog. Part of it is the fact that I’ve begging for attention from Tim. See, he just got this new iPhone thing and I think he’s happier walking it than me. Sure, we still go out and stuff, but his attention is definitely elsewhere. Good thing it has a camera on it… he took this awesome tongue shot with it. I guess I can coexist with the phone…

Everyone knows I’m not a huge fan of Bonnard, the painfully rotund cat. Last week, however, he fell into a bit of a problem when he ate a couple of rubber bands. His attempts to reverse the course (translation: puke em out) didn’t work, and they got jammed in his small intestine. A week later the V-E-T had to perform some surgery and pull em out of his substantially corpulent gut. This is him post op… he’s high as a kite in this shot, which was a bit strange to see. All I know is he gets 2 pain pills a day and listens to White Rabbit on a loop 24-7 now. I dunno… if that’s not an inducement to keep you off drugs, then you’re beyond my help, yo.

Sabres got hosed in free agency. We shall speak no more of that little league baseball pitcher and the other one.

Anyways, I hope to be able to blog more as we get into the summer. Happy 4th of July (a day late) to everyone in the States and Happy Canada Day (4 days late) to my friends north of the border!

keepin the faith

For all you non-hockey fans, this is my annual “hang in there” speech. The blog will once again focus exclusively on my pooing exploits come mid-June. For the rest of you… I quote the D&C and Mr. Lindy Ruff:

Only twice in NHL history has a team overcome a 3-0 deficit in games to win a best-of-seven series. The Toronto Maple Leafs rallied past the Detroit Red Wings in 1942, and the New York Islanders stunned the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1975. Sabres coach Lindy Ruff is hoping history repeats itself one year early.”Every 33 years something great happens in this league,” Ruff said. “We’re at about that 33-years point. We’re on the verge of something great.”

Game 4 tonight, yo…

return to normalcy

Wellll, looks like things will be getting back to normal again soon… I’m already back at home napping on the couch, Kimberly returns home on Friday, and the city of Buffalo’s hearts are once again about to be skewered by the sharp pointy stick of shattered expectations. (apologies for triple mixed metaphor… I’m a pug, not a classics professor). Now, maybe there will be a 4 game streak miracle, but let’s face it… western NYers are used to their sports teams in the “close but no cigar” category anyways. As my little paws type this, the Wings are doing pretty well, so at least one of my teams looks pretty good… we shall see…

Tim was doing a little marketing and networking today, but then came home and finished up most of the gardening under the blue sky and sun. Looks pretty good… unfortunately he built that wall so there’s no more peeing on pretty plants. Luckily he’s made up a whole huge area of monkey grass for me to take care of business. We’ll see if it can stand up to my mighty liquid nitrogenous wastes…

Happy mother’s day!

It’s mother’s day so I came up to the Cha Cha to hang with Tim’s moms… this is his grandmother (so, kinda my great gramma… kinda sorta… if I weren’t a pug). We’re mourning the loss of the Sabres in double OT last night… well, Tim and I are. Hopefully they can buck the trends of the past and win in 6 or 7…

No chicken wings for me on this trip… I did score a piece of Zweigel’s hot dog from Tim’s dad. For some reason Tim said “I didn’t just see that” when he clearly saw it. Weird… I don’t get these people sometimes…

Me and Webster are having a good time… you’ll remember he had some knee surgery, but that seems to be pretty much all healed up. He’s even allowed to run around with me a bunch, so as a consequence we’re prettttttty tired.

Kimberly’s back at the end of the week! Haven’t seen her for nearly a month… hopefully the lax rules will also return… but somehow I doubt it. There seems to be a new priority on something called “heeling” and I have to say, I’m not a fan.

overtime = no sleep

Five seconds left from a mopey bedtime, and now I have to stay up late for an overtime Sabres game… it’s good to be back in Rochester again! Pics from the big Mother’s Day weekend tomorrow! And, um… go Sabres!

Sabres-Sens: What we’re in for

The Wings clinched the other night, but right now I’m focused on the gentlemanly rivalry of the Sabres and the Senators. There’s nothing like two teams that play the game and respect one another on and off the ice. It’s better when they don’t like each other though. This was 3 months ago (warning to the kids and anyone who finds fighting a bad thing… there’s fighting and stuff here):

Should be a pretty chippy series, eh? Are we going to have to get a dog whisperer for these guys like a certain pug we all know? Hmmm…

Tim’s back on Friday… looking forward to harassing him instead of my cool sitters!