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Chillin, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

So, I got real sick the other night. I actually passed out and had a mini seizure or something… it was pretty whack. Tim carried me inside and then I felt a rumble in the breadbasket… I hurled out some mean looking black stuff, but was a little better after that. Then about 4 am I did it again… off to the V-E-T!

We get there and the lucky folks there got to rummage in my hurl and poop. Best… job… ever. Anyways, they see no blood in it (I coulda told em that) and since I was all peppy and happy at that point, they let me go. Well, not before taking my temperature, and let’s just say they must have left the oral thermometer on another desk. Yikes.

So, yesterday Tim and Kimberly get a call saying the results were in… I, Louis the Pug, have hookworm. Sooooo… I get 3 days of deworming medicine (not tasty) in my food (upgraded to mask said untasty medicine). Then we go 3 weeks, then we do the 3 day treatment again. Then the V-E-T gets to look at more of my poop.

Guess that monthly worm prevention pill took a month off, eh?

None of this explains my fainting episode though. I think it’s because I’m so ripped and pumped muscularly that there isn’t enough blood in my body to get to the brain from time to time… bam! Fainting!

You know what else causes fainting? The awesomeness of my hockey teams… both the Sabres and Wings won tonight as I convalesced. That’s fancy talk for getting better, yo…

dude, I’m so famous I can’t stand it

Yeah, that’s me chillin’ and chompin’ on my compressed rawhide bone while Kimberly shows people how to stretch their spine six ways to Sunday. I’m, like, totally famous. I’d do yoga too, except it might make my body totally more ripped and cut. There’s a point where you can’t improve upon physical perfection, and I’m humble enough to not want to show up others even more than I do. Namaste.

Puppy school

Puppy school, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

It’s puppy school weekend as I have Furley here while his owners are off enjoying the sun and fun of Florida. I’m running furley out and about in the dog park on this gorgeous DC day. Kid needs to tone up a bit… I’m gonna put him on my high protein regimine… Some cardio… Probably mix in some weights. Someday soon, this basset’s gonna have the tight powerhouse body of a champ, yo!

me and teddy

me and teddy, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

Kimberly had a photo shoot for her clothing line here at casa louis… I let her do that from time to time. Anyways, we had the photographer hook me up with a glamour shot with teddy. Teddy’s seen better days, but daaaaaaaaamn I look good.

Christmas is around the corner… I’m hoping for some kick butt stuff from Tim. He just ordered some steak treats for Buffy (the OK dog)… I better get hooked up with some of that, yo!

L is for “love me”

This is my friend Beth… she digs me. And who can argue? I’m very smart and very buff. Chicks dig the lack of snout too.

I’m trying to get everyone’s attention, but they keep playing with those compooters. Not a fan when the keyboards get more petting than yours truly.

Tim did some shopping today for Thanksgiving… he and Kimberly are hitting the Tofurky, while I’m the one who actually gets to eat meat. Yep! Turkey and brown rice… granted, it’s from a can, but it’s looking like it’ll rock.