From party

People blog on behalf of their dogs? Yeesh.

So, CNN has this whole article on weird people who write their pets’ blogs. Please. What kind of psycho would do that!?

Tim’s going to California for the week, so it’s rule free week… then I get to hang with my boy Clifford at the end of the week when Kimberly goes off to New York. Woohoo! I’m gonna run wild, yo…

Happy Easter everyone! I got an easter egg cookie from Doggie Style bakery!

A public service announcement

At the outset, let me state definitively that alcohol is bad for dogs and we should never… ever… be given something to drink that’s harder than H2O. Our livers can’t handle it.

That being said, this is a very, very funny picture. As Furley’s owner Matt says, “at least he’s drinking Shiner Bock.”


More pics

I don’t want to sound immodest, but people dig me. Check out the food, yo! I, of course, only scored dog treats and carrots… but people were super cool and super generous. Thanks again for making this 3 year old pug feel like a billion bucks (because, LTP industries has already made me $999 million…).

Technology’s overrated

Dude, my liveblogging pics didn’t work… as you can plainly see. Here they are… guess which one is “Bonnard the lush”? Anyways… I got em all in the camera, and I’ll post more tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who showed, especially my new buddy Max and my boy Kasey (the latter had a rough night… my parties can be a bit much for a couple month old little man. Hang in there buddy!). Pics tomorrow… I’m beat, yo!

Burfday party!!

I predict pictures will be posted Lionel Richie style…. alllll night long, yo!

Unfortunately, we’re experiencing rain here in DC, so no patio hangin tonight, but at least we’ll bring the temps below friggin 80. OCTOBER people… October. Now, I’m no meteorologist (buncha quacks), but I’m leaning toward believing this whole global warming thing, yo.