From NYC

My Super Bowl – team pug at Westminster

It’s Westminster time yo. This is my boy Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu. Kind of an awkward name (doesn’t have the ring of “Louis the Pug”) but he’s the rep for team pug at the dog show of all dog shows. We don’t have cable, so I’m gonna have to hear about all this from the Internets. Go Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu!! First the Toys (no, we don’t like to be “Toy” dogs, but someone else glossed us with that dumb tag) then best in show! Go Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu!!

Um yeah… again… not much of a ring to it. Hard to make a chant to “Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu.” Hmm.

NYC apparently only 25 miles from the sun

People, it’s HOT here. Nice weather, but HOT. They sometimes call New York the “urban jungle.” I think it’s cause it’s super friggin hot. (Have I mentioned it’s hot?)

Concrete, it turns out, absorbs all that sun and heat and makes it a bit unbearable on my little paws. Consequently, I’m chillin’ in the hotel a bit today. Tim got to go out and hang at some festival that was blocking off 6th Avenue… I smelled roasted corn and I believe a Nutella crepe on him… I got Iams. People, this is totally unfair…

Kimberly’s still learning about tea, but I hear she’s done after today… that means tomorrow’s all about play! By the way, I’ve been getting plenty of Central Park action… people love me, yo.

NYC, yo

We’re in NYC this weekend, and Tim decided to walk us from the hotel to the 5th Avenue Apple Store. It’s kinda cool from an architectural perspective, but man… whatta geek! Of course, I make everything look better, as this picture demonstrates. And, yeah… geek boy used his iPhone.

pug of leisure

Check out my new squeek toy… it’ll have to to pass for entertainment tonight while Kimberly is in NYC again. I went out for a nice long walk with him tonight and got to sniff around Dupont Circle for the first time in a while. Looking forward to getting out of town this weekend… Asheville here we come!

ho ho ho… what’re you lookin at?

Tim and Kimberly went to NYC yesterday… I got to stay at home and look riDICulous in this hat.

I’m working on my Christmas list… hopefully I’ll be able to post it in case that corpulent elf from north of the Arctic Circle surfs my blog. Ho ho ho… mix in a salad Nick.

Speaking of… apparently Kimberly has it in her head that I am a bit overweight, and therefore also in need of a diet. This is, of course, belied by the photographic evidence here on this blog. Rippling abs… rock-hard pecs… it’s all muscle. I’ve been workin out yo!

mini vacay

Tim was off on a boys night out in NYC last night, so I got to hang with one of my fave nannies Robin… it was pretty cool. We did some serious dog parkin’ and I have to say I was pooped. At one point in the walk I decided I was pretty much done and lay down. It’s a great trick… I got carried home. Try it sometime… it totally works!

mea culpa puggles

Alright, I was a bit harsh on puggles yesterday. What can I say? I’m canine. We’re imperfect.

So, as part of my mea culpa I will (a) post an apologetic looking picture (see above), and (b) offer my services as a mentor to all puggles. I figure you’re kinda like my half brothers and sisters being half pug and all, so I should be more magnanimous and offer my very, very valuable services.

So. Lesson 1. Stay out of pugs’ way when we’re near the ladies. This will avoid an embarassing faux pas like we had in NYC this past weekend.

Lesson 2… you’re trendy. That’s cool. But remember, trendy means overbreeding, and overbreeding means genetic disorders and hip displaysia. No, seriously! So, my advice to you? If you like your genetic code, and you like your hips undisplaysed (or whatever that is), then stop being cute. Consider a couple of baby attacks or something (take a page from pit bulls… they knew how to get untrendy pretty quick, yo).

Anyways, that’s all there is for today my puggle friends. Remember, always be kind to your mentor… treats are always a good way to express your gratitude.