From man time

Where was I?

I was off on some secret mission… I apologize for my lengthy absence. I could tell you, but then I would have to wipe your mind of all knowledge of the conversation, and frankly that’s a time-consuming process that would leave you at exactly the same point you’re at right now. So, let’s save us both some time and just say you’re satisfied with my explanation, and feel totally fulfilled, m’kay?

After my grand mission to save the world, I decided to unwind and chillax at the dog park. It was a gorgeous fall day, and Tim brought the dquishy fake orange for me to chase and bring back to him. I thought it was a little childish on his part to keep throwing the ball… I got toally worn out going to get it and bring it to him. Silly game, but he seemed to get a kick out of it.

Still not sure where I’ll be this weekend… Tim is going back to the ChaCha on Friday, so I might join him. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll hang with Kimberly back here. If I go up north, maybe we’ll swing by Springwater and check out the place of my birth. Maybe the key to the city would be involved? Hmmm…


Check out me on my man-cation with Tim! We went to Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska! Woo! Lotsa driving. To keep me occupied, tim got me a big ol’ bone to gnaw on as the farmland and oil derricks whizzed by. Right now we’re in Tulsa watching the Nebraska game. Tim’s rooting for the other team from California, but I’m gonna go with the Huskers. Love me some heartland! We go to Texas tomorrow to see Kimberly and celebrate her gramma’s 95th birthday. Should score some treats there!

I’m back, yo

Had a great week… hope you guys did too. Rather than opine on the week I had, here’s a visual homage/collage…

Before: Me and Chester

After: Chester vanquished after much chasing

Tim and I have a man-cation this week. OKLAHOMA & NEBRASKA!! Woohoo!! Look out plains states… we’re comin’!

Going on a man retreat

Tim and Kimberly are jetting off to Costa Rica tomorrow… I think they must have nice people, but backwards attitudes on the temporary stay of pugs. I don’t blame Costa Rica, just their dumb dog policies.

Anyways, I’m getting put up with Gina and her cool dog Chester. Me and Chester have planned to hang out in the man cave and chill all week. Should be a good one. Chester insists that we do it right and keep technology out of it… that means the blog’s gonna be dark for a few days. I dunno… I might sneak a post in there when he’s not looking. That’s how I roll, yo.

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone in the States!

It came!

Dude, all I can say is… check out the handsome pug, yo! Thank you SO much to Glenda and my girl Kylie out in Colorado… check out Pop Art Pet and perhaps… just perhaps… you can look as good as me. Not only am I good lookin, I’m humble too.

Perhaps all of this stems from a serious ego stroke over at Matt and Jaime’s… I got a full A++ on the old report card. Basically, I’ve been behaving very well in Tim and Kimberly’s absence. Tim and I are solo til the weekend, so I suspect the drill sergeant’s gonna have me practice all of the training stuff from before his trip. Once Kimberly returns, I get to be bad again. Hurry home Kimberly!! Heh…

Why I’ve been slackin’

I’ve been so slacking when it comes to the blog. Part of it is the fact that I’ve begging for attention from Tim. See, he just got this new iPhone thing and I think he’s happier walking it than me. Sure, we still go out and stuff, but his attention is definitely elsewhere. Good thing it has a camera on it… he took this awesome tongue shot with it. I guess I can coexist with the phone…

Everyone knows I’m not a huge fan of Bonnard, the painfully rotund cat. Last week, however, he fell into a bit of a problem when he ate a couple of rubber bands. His attempts to reverse the course (translation: puke em out) didn’t work, and they got jammed in his small intestine. A week later the V-E-T had to perform some surgery and pull em out of his substantially corpulent gut. This is him post op… he’s high as a kite in this shot, which was a bit strange to see. All I know is he gets 2 pain pills a day and listens to White Rabbit on a loop 24-7 now. I dunno… if that’s not an inducement to keep you off drugs, then you’re beyond my help, yo.

Sabres got hosed in free agency. We shall speak no more of that little league baseball pitcher and the other one.

Anyways, I hope to be able to blog more as we get into the summer. Happy 4th of July (a day late) to everyone in the States and Happy Canada Day (4 days late) to my friends north of the border!

Cabin fever

Wassup yo? I’m currently hanging in a pet spa in Luray… it’s pronounced Loo-ray if you wanna sound like a local. Tim and Kimberly rent a cabin out here every once in a while (last time, you may recall, I got into Kimberly’s lipstick). Anyways, today I get to run around with a couple of other lucky spa-attendees. They run a pretty tight ship… I had to have my medical records faxed in from DC. I s’pose it’s nice to know I won’t be exposed to the ebola or the rocky mountain spotted fever.

This morning I decided I needed attention at 7:15. Tim got the pleasure of waking up, feeding me, then walking me in the rain. Of course, I hate the rain, so I had to see if he could do something about that. After that I was ready to start the day… usually I let the kids sleep, but today felt special. Tim seems sleepy now. Wonder why?

Annnnyways… I see there’s a lot of new readership lately even though I’ve been slackin’ on the posting. Sadly, things won’t improve much the rest of the week, but hang in there. More pugaliciousness shall be delivered later this week.

Tuna muffins!

Tim baked me some cool new tuna muffins… with all the news lately about the nasty junk that makes it into dog food, it was high time I got my food made by someone I know. It’s kinda like the mob… I needed a food taster or something.

Anyways, I’m psyched for the new food. Check out the recipe… I think I want some kind of steak or prime rib in the next batch, but unfortunately, I have no vote in the matter.

Tim’s off to a guys’ weekend at friend’s cabin… should be fun for him. Me too… no rules when it’s me and Kimberly!!

New look

Yeah, I cracked the whip and got the art department at corporate to make a new header… I like the general direction, but I’m not sure about that font. It’s a little too Mork & Mindy meets 70s After School Special, knowwhatimean? Your thoughts are welcome…

UPDATE… so Blogger must hate PCs cause it only worked for Macs! Heads will roll at corporate, that’s all I know. In the meantime, we’ll go back to the regular header.

UPDATE AGAIN… smart Tim fixed the problem. Blogger’s fault… I’m calling the Valley when it hits 9 AM pacific… barking will commence, yo.

Kimberly’s off on another junket for her clothing line… we all know what that means. Again with the discipline. Tim is allegedly going to make me sleep in the dog bed tonight, but I see the clock says 1:25 AM and I don’t think he’s got the energy to kick me out of the big bed the requsite 47 times it will take for me to “get the message.” Sucker… just for that I’m bringing both teddies to bed too.