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People… I’m fast

I’m fast, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

Now, this kid was fast. But I’m faster. That iPhone (you know… the old one) can’t keep up with me. My tongue is 6 feet long and blurry because it was busy giving a massive lick to the face of this kinda sorta fast kid.

Did I mention I’m fast?

Kimberly and Tim were at an award thing for Kimberly being some super cool CEO. Louis the Pug Industries just might be in the market for talent like hers…

me and teddy

me and teddy, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

Kimberly had a photo shoot for her clothing line here at casa louis… I let her do that from time to time. Anyways, we had the photographer hook me up with a glamour shot with teddy. Teddy’s seen better days, but daaaaaaaaamn I look good.

Christmas is around the corner… I’m hoping for some kick butt stuff from Tim. He just ordered some steak treats for Buffy (the OK dog)… I better get hooked up with some of that, yo!

MidAtlantic Pug Rescue

One of the cool things about my birthday bash was that it was also an awareness raiser for midatlantic pug rescue. Tim, Kimberly and (more importantly) Louis the Pug Industries will be sending about 200 bones to these cool people. They help with adoptions and fostering pugs who aren’t healthy or have special needs. Not every pug can have as ripped a physique as yours truly, I guess…

Anyways, if you’re a pug owner, I’d love it if you threw a bone or two at MAPR, or the pug rescue group near you. Tell ‘em Louis the Pug sent ya…

Dude… no action

I’m not saying nothing’s been happening… I mean, I went to the dog park today and stuff… but nothing interesting’s been happening. After all the travel, it’s been good to get some work done in the office (stock for louis the pug industries (LTPINC) is approaching a 52 week high. You’re welcome.) but I have to say, I’m not feeling the excitement.

The good news is that we hit the cabin on Monday… that means I get some quality outside time, and we might get some chilly weather and some kick-butt fires. Also, I get to play tug-o-lobster with my friend James… that’s always a crowd pleaser. And since Tim has one of those iPhone thing-a-ma-hoo-hahs, it seems like I’ll be able to post from the secluded woods of Loo-ray.

So… more to come. Oh, and I turn three in a few weeks, and the rumor mill around here is suggesting there’s gonna be a huuuuuge party. Invites are out. Yours is assuredly in the mail.


I’m all graduated from puppy school! We went to the dog park so I would be extra distracted… I was. Tim said I scored a solid D+ or maybe a C- on the final. I like to focus on my A+ in the sitting and staying portion of the exam. I’d also like to latch onto the possibility that it’s physically impossible, perhaps, for me to lie down. Unfortunately, until I can get that documented, the incomplete I scored on that dragged my average way down. Ahhh well… I just won’t put the GPA down on the ol’ resume! Let’s face it though… my fabulous wealth from industries means this was basically a glamour degree anyways. I have other fish to fry, yo.* Many many thanks to Je’ree, the coolest dog trainer ever!

*With apologies to the fish.

Louis Vanderbilt

I imagine I might be purchasing a nice home like this… some guy named Vanderbilt lived here. I guess he was kinda a big deal cause he bought railroads back when that was akin to scoring Google at an IPO price. At least that’s what my peeps at corporate tell me.

I’m up here in NY for a few more days before returning to DC. I kinda like it up here. Today, because we couldn’t go back to the B&B before dinner time, we went to the grocery store and I scored some super premium canned food instead. Let me just say this… meat and gravy are my two favorite food groups, yo… especially gravy. Of course I can’t hit that too often, or I risk losing this powerful muscular look…

Oldie but a goodie

Tim’s in Portland this week workin on the things he works on. One of these days corporate may try a hostile takeover of his businesses, but we’ll hold tight for the moment. Don’t tell him, yo. Kimberly took off for New Mexico the other day too, so I’m flyin’ solo. This weekend has been all about hangin with Arielle… one of my fave sitters. Right now I’m chillin’ at home until I get handed off like a baton to Matt for the final night before Tim’s return. Arielle described me as a perfect gentleman. Of course I was… what else would I be?

So, I noticed that I have nearly 13,000 views of my swim lesson from Florida awhile back (check out those pecs!). People… this isn’t acceptable. I need at least 15,000 or the cat gets it. You know the drill… click below.

Louis goes Warhol

From the good people at Pop Art Pet. I always knew I was a work of art… now I have proof, yo! Check out the burly physique! Thanks to everyone over there in Colorado at Pop Art Pet! Go check ‘em out!

We might have to do some remodeling and electrical work to make the proper wall space and lighting to feature this bad boy. I’m gunning for a fog machine too… I’ve got a call into the FX department at corporate on that one. Maybe some laser shows too… we’ll see what they put together.