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Furley’s here

Furley’s here, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

Furley and I made up the other day… basically I just told him what was what, and he could just deal with it, yo. Actually, I think he just actually forgot about our little altercation the other night… cool dog, just not the sharpest knife in the drawer if you know what I mean.

Anyways, he and I engaged in a spirited wrasslin’ session tonight. You know… when he wasn’t barkin’ at Bonnard and Matisse. The kid’s not used to cats. Come to think of it… neither am I.

I’m beat. Off to bed…

the best laid plans of pugs and hounds

So, I was supposed to have a weekend of fun with my boy Furley, but I made the mistake of running directly into his cage and then licking his mom. Furley was displeased with this and got all in my face. He was like woof woof, growl, woof woof… so I was all burf burf – burf burf burf (I don’t take kindly to people woofin’ in my grill, even if it’s my boy Furley). Anyways, we tried to hug it out, but it was pretty apparent that staying there was going to be an issue this weekend. Problem was, Kimberly and Tim were jetting down to South Florida for some business, and the place they were staying at had some dogist neighbors that woulda ratted me out. Soooo… an early morning phone call to my boy Juan, and I’m staying at Casa Happy Pack! I love Juan, as you know. He treats me so good that I decided to be a model for him for his new website.

Oldie but a goodie

Tim’s in Portland this week workin on the things he works on. One of these days corporate may try a hostile takeover of his businesses, but we’ll hold tight for the moment. Don’t tell him, yo. Kimberly took off for New Mexico the other day too, so I’m flyin’ solo. This weekend has been all about hangin with Arielle… one of my fave sitters. Right now I’m chillin’ at home until I get handed off like a baton to Matt for the final night before Tim’s return. Arielle described me as a perfect gentleman. Of course I was… what else would I be?

So, I noticed that I have nearly 13,000 views of my swim lesson from Florida awhile back (check out those pecs!). People… this isn’t acceptable. I need at least 15,000 or the cat gets it. You know the drill… click below.

weekend goodness

My report card for the weekend can best be summed up by a text message Matt sent Tim… “Louis is the star of the fish market.”

Of course I was. I had teddy… I scored a new orange ball that actually looks like an orange… I ran up and down stairs. Heck, I had such a nice time I decided not to pee on anything indoors! Can you believe it? Check out more of the pics on the good ol Flickr page… thanks again to Matt and Jaime for opening up their new pad for me this weekend!

The great part about coming home is the countdown begins for our big cabin week… I should be able to go out swimmin (or really, wading… I’m not a terribly strong swimmer) and carousing out in Luray, Virginia.

Off for my evening walk!

No rules!

Tim’s in New Orleans speaking at some conference (and probably complaining about the heat), while I get a few days of rule-free living. Yep, it’s just me and Kimberly, which means I get to jump on tables and stuff! Now, Kimberly will tell me to get down from the table (sometimes) but she says it so much more nicely. It’s a treat, yo.

Kimberly drives off tomorrow for NY, so I get to hang with Matt and Jaime this weekend. They’re thinking about getting a dog at some point… Tim thought it would be good to test the situation with me. I’ve been instructed to not pee on any carpets. We’ll see about that…

Congrats to the Anaheim Ducks for winning the Cup. Darnit Canada, this losing streak is starting to look Buffalo-like!

Sabres-Sens: What we’re in for

The Wings clinched the other night, but right now I’m focused on the gentlemanly rivalry of the Sabres and the Senators. There’s nothing like two teams that play the game and respect one another on and off the ice. It’s better when they don’t like each other though. This was 3 months ago (warning to the kids and anyone who finds fighting a bad thing… there’s fighting and stuff here):

Should be a pretty chippy series, eh? Are we going to have to get a dog whisperer for these guys like a certain pug we all know? Hmmm…

Tim’s back on Friday… looking forward to harassing him instead of my cool sitters!

Sabres victorious

It was a tough series, but the Sabres pulled it out… on to the Eastern Finals against the Sens… should be an awesome series, but I think the Sabres shall prevail. On the other side, we’ve got a big game 6 tomorrow night when the Wings can clinch the series… a few games closer to the nirvana of a Sabres-Wings cup final! (with apologies to my Canadian and California readers…)

I’m hanging with Jeremy and Robin again this week while Tim’s out in Oregon doing some business stuff. One of these days he may just prove himself worthy of moving up to the corporate offices, but for now I think it’s good that he has to scratch and claw at his own entrepreneurial ventures… Anyways, I got dogparked a couple of times already, and I managed to overheat myself pretty good. So good, in fact, that Robin and Jeremy thought I was a bit too puffy in the face, so I got to get a taste of Benedryl for the first time in a while. Tis the season!

Tim informed me that the recent spate of ill behavior on my part is going to result in a 5 session training thing. Kinda like that dog whisperer guy on TV… yeah, we’ll see who’s the alpha pack leader pal… burf!

Kickin it

I have to say, while I miss Kimberly and Tim while they’re out galavanting across the country (and – ahem – didn’t bring me along), I have it pretty good when I’m hangin with Jeremy and Robin. Yesterday i got dogparked for, like, hours. Hours! I was so floored I barely hung out with those suburb dogs (honestly, we really don’t have a lot in common… no judgments though). Today, we went to the farmers’ market. Needless to say, I don’t get a lot of farmers’ market time with Tim and Kimberly… they’re usually off doing yoga or something.

Anyways, my mini-vacation is topped off by the fact that both the Sabres and Red Wings crushed their “competition” in Game 1 of their respective series. I smell Stanley, yo. Just can’t tell how far west the beatiful odor is eminating from…