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So, I got real sick the other night. I actually passed out and had a mini seizure or something… it was pretty whack. Tim carried me inside and then I felt a rumble in the breadbasket… I hurled out some mean looking black stuff, but was a little better after that. Then about 4 am I did it again… off to the V-E-T!

We get there and the lucky folks there got to rummage in my hurl and poop. Best… job… ever. Anyways, they see no blood in it (I coulda told em that) and since I was all peppy and happy at that point, they let me go. Well, not before taking my temperature, and let’s just say they must have left the oral thermometer on another desk. Yikes.

So, yesterday Tim and Kimberly get a call saying the results were in… I, Louis the Pug, have hookworm. Sooooo… I get 3 days of deworming medicine (not tasty) in my food (upgraded to mask said untasty medicine). Then we go 3 weeks, then we do the 3 day treatment again. Then the V-E-T gets to look at more of my poop.

Guess that monthly worm prevention pill took a month off, eh?

None of this explains my fainting episode though. I think it’s because I’m so ripped and pumped muscularly that there isn’t enough blood in my body to get to the brain from time to time… bam! Fainting!

You know what else causes fainting? The awesomeness of my hockey teams… both the Sabres and Wings won tonight as I convalesced. That’s fancy talk for getting better, yo…

happy burfday to me!

So, it’s been a while since I posted… I could go into all of the reasons why (international intrigue, massive economic collapse impacting Louis the Pug Industries, followed by a rebound and the acquisition of the other 2/3 of the Fortune 500, and… of course, a brief stay in the gray bar motel) but that might be telling too much.

Instead, let me tell you about 2 cool new things on this, the day after my fourth burfday.

(1) I got to hang out on a Caterpillar, thereby enhancing my love of commercial demolition equipment, and

(2) Tim just pulled a huge friggin tick out of my skull.

The first is self-explanatory. The second is worth describing. Man, they are guh-ROSS! I got it during cabin week in WV… I think it might have a pint and a half of LTP goodness in its gullet. Tim did a lookup and it’s not a deer tick or anything else that could do some harm to yours truly. He did slather about 5 gallons of antibiotic ointment on it now, which makes my fur look all spikey and stuff. Who knew triple antibiotic ointment was a proper substitute for haircare product?

Anyways, the tick’s in a plastic bag so I can taunt it. And if that’s not a burfday present, I don’t know what is…

Oh yeah… hockey season kicked off too. Oh, and the Bills are playing really good for the first time in my life. The gifts keep coming, yo!

waking from a long slumber

waking from a long slumber, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.


it’s been a crazy long time since I’ve posted. It’s largely because Kimberly and Tim have been moving an entire business from one side of Dupont Circle to another. Who knew moving could be so dramatic? G-Ma was in town and took good care of me, and I also now have a dog walker. Juan takes me out every weekday and I get to roll with a new playgroup. Most of the dogs are way bigger than me, but I keep them on their toes ’cause I’m waaaaay faster.

How about them Red Wings? Tim and I watched Game 1 together in our gear. I grew so bored by the lack of fight in the Dallas Stars that I fell asleep midway through the game. Maybe Game 3 they’ll show up… nah, probably not…

Hopefully my little hiatus didn’t bum ya out. Plenty of me to go around, yo. By the way… Bonnard? Still fat. Exhibit A:

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great day…

I scored this present, although I do believe the tag said it belonged to someone else. What’s that about possession being 9/10 of the law?

I’m off to sleep… that portly semi-tipsy elf did me good this year. I’m going to have to sleep off some of that huuuuuge pork bone yo! Now I have to gear up for the Winter Classic in Buffalo on the first!

No rules!

Tim’s in New Orleans speaking at some conference (and probably complaining about the heat), while I get a few days of rule-free living. Yep, it’s just me and Kimberly, which means I get to jump on tables and stuff! Now, Kimberly will tell me to get down from the table (sometimes) but she says it so much more nicely. It’s a treat, yo.

Kimberly drives off tomorrow for NY, so I get to hang with Matt and Jaime this weekend. They’re thinking about getting a dog at some point… Tim thought it would be good to test the situation with me. I’ve been instructed to not pee on any carpets. We’ll see about that…

Congrats to the Anaheim Ducks for winning the Cup. Darnit Canada, this losing streak is starting to look Buffalo-like!

keepin the faith

For all you non-hockey fans, this is my annual “hang in there” speech. The blog will once again focus exclusively on my pooing exploits come mid-June. For the rest of you… I quote the D&C and Mr. Lindy Ruff:

Only twice in NHL history has a team overcome a 3-0 deficit in games to win a best-of-seven series. The Toronto Maple Leafs rallied past the Detroit Red Wings in 1942, and the New York Islanders stunned the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1975. Sabres coach Lindy Ruff is hoping history repeats itself one year early.”Every 33 years something great happens in this league,” Ruff said. “We’re at about that 33-years point. We’re on the verge of something great.”

Game 4 tonight, yo…