From good weather

cold but having a ball. literally.

It was cold in DC this week… like freezing cold. Now, for those of us who are from the hinterlands of western NY, we’re used to it. And frankly, being a pug… it’s much easier to breathe in the cold than in the hot. So, I go out sans sweater to play ball even when it’s in the mid 30’s (or in the single digits for all you metric fans out there).

Quick update on my worms… I think I have em licked. I hear muttering about another round of medicine in 2 weeks to get larvae, whatever the heck they are… and I have to say I welcome it. In order to take this medicine, I need to have the powder sprinkled on wet food. I don’t normally get wet food, so basically Tim just poured gravy over the muffins he bakes me. So, I might just have to get hookworms all the time, ’cause I love me some gravy, yo!

So, that’s the scoop. A lot of people wonder if I’m going to be out for the inauguration next month, but I don’t do crowds all that well, so I think I’ll kick it with tim and kimberly at the studio and watch on the tv. I’m still hoping the dog they get over at 1600 Pennsylvania is someone I can roll with. We DC dogs need to stick together…

i’m super clean

I went to the groomer yesterday and got all spiffied up. They took some trimmers “down there” so, yes once again I have been manscaped. Or pugscaped. It was good, because I ran into a nice looking fawn pug this morning while on a walk, so I was able to put my best paw forward. Always good to look good…

Tim and Kimberly are working like dogs lately (no pun intended). They get to go to the beach on Monday, but I have to stay home because the beach is totally dogist. Then again, the beach is also about a kajillion degrees with no shade, so maybe I’ll just do my regular Happy Pack walk and chill in the AC.

This Thursday we trek up to western Massachusetts – Kimberly’s doing some yoga thing with some old teacher dude, and Tim… well, Tim’s driving. Looks like some hikes in the Berkshires!


The weather’s been ridiculously hot until last night… we got one of those boomers that brings temperatures down to normal pug friendly numbers, so today with my walker Juan was waaaaaay better than normal.

By the way, if you’re into walkers and you’re in DC, you really need to get hooked up with Juan. He’s super nice and leaves little notes for Tim and Kimberly when he comes back with me. Most them include my bathroom proclivities (which I think should be private, but whatevs) and how I fare in the waters of Rock Creek Park. If you want the hook up, email me at louisthepug -at- gmail -dot- com and I’ll give you the scoop. Juan’s the man, yo!

Because it’s summer (note: I recognize it’s not summer until later in the month, but when we hit triple digits, it’s summer by my non-rotation of the earth around the sun standards!), Kimberly fed me some ice cream…. problem is I can’t lick down. That may be amusing to you, but I find it to be problematic when I have ice cream on my bottom chin. Not cool…. not cool at all.

This is me chillin in the AC. Whoever invented AC… I tip my hat to you sir or madame… wherever you are!

By the way WOOHOOOOOOO WINGS!!! They’d never won the Cup in my lifetime… it’s nice to finally see one, even though Tim says he’s seen 4 of em in the last 11 years now. He’s old.

Puppy school

Puppy school, originally uploaded by Louis the Pug.

It’s puppy school weekend as I have Furley here while his owners are off enjoying the sun and fun of Florida. I’m running furley out and about in the dog park on this gorgeous DC day. Kid needs to tone up a bit… I’m gonna put him on my high protein regimine… Some cardio… Probably mix in some weights. Someday soon, this basset’s gonna have the tight powerhouse body of a champ, yo!

Where was I?

I was off on some secret mission… I apologize for my lengthy absence. I could tell you, but then I would have to wipe your mind of all knowledge of the conversation, and frankly that’s a time-consuming process that would leave you at exactly the same point you’re at right now. So, let’s save us both some time and just say you’re satisfied with my explanation, and feel totally fulfilled, m’kay?

After my grand mission to save the world, I decided to unwind and chillax at the dog park. It was a gorgeous fall day, and Tim brought the dquishy fake orange for me to chase and bring back to him. I thought it was a little childish on his part to keep throwing the ball… I got toally worn out going to get it and bring it to him. Silly game, but he seemed to get a kick out of it.

Still not sure where I’ll be this weekend… Tim is going back to the ChaCha on Friday, so I might join him. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll hang with Kimberly back here. If I go up north, maybe we’ll swing by Springwater and check out the place of my birth. Maybe the key to the city would be involved? Hmmm…


Imagine, if you will, 125 pugs in a room. That plus me, equalled Pugtoberfest… a happening so awesome I can barely put it into words.

We missed the fastest pug race, which I surely would have won, so I guess I’m still champion. I’m sure I would have beaten the puggles the most. They’re slow, yo.

I wore some ridiculous looking red shirt, but my protests were unheeded by Kimberly. Tim heeded them, if indeed “heeded” is actually a word in the English language.

Afterwards we hit Rock Creek Park and strolled in the woods for a while in the sun and crisp fall day… all in all, an awesome day!

Dude… no action

I’m not saying nothing’s been happening… I mean, I went to the dog park today and stuff… but nothing interesting’s been happening. After all the travel, it’s been good to get some work done in the office (stock for louis the pug industries (LTPINC) is approaching a 52 week high. You’re welcome.) but I have to say, I’m not feeling the excitement.

The good news is that we hit the cabin on Monday… that means I get some quality outside time, and we might get some chilly weather and some kick-butt fires. Also, I get to play tug-o-lobster with my friend James… that’s always a crowd pleaser. And since Tim has one of those iPhone thing-a-ma-hoo-hahs, it seems like I’ll be able to post from the secluded woods of Loo-ray.

So… more to come. Oh, and I turn three in a few weeks, and the rumor mill around here is suggesting there’s gonna be a huuuuuge party. Invites are out. Yours is assuredly in the mail.