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doga 2006

Loyal readers of know that Kimberly’s studio sponsors an annual Doga (dog + yoga) retreat that benefits the Washington Humane Society. This year was awesome… it looked like it was gonna rain out, but all of the sudden the sun came out and it was a gorgeous afternoon. I hung out mostly with Tim and some other cool hounds while everyone else did a little yoga. Best of all, the Humane Society scored some bucks to help out my brothers and sisters in need over there. Second best of all… free treats from my favorite place in DC… the Doggie Style Bakery. Rock on yo!

Doga 2 electric boogaloo

Blogger is all sortsa screwed up with its picture uploads (what IS a pug to do?) so I can’t
[Update… all fixed. Now I CAN…] show you the cool new pic of me and a lucscious little number named Caramel (that’s KARE-a-mel, not Car-mel, you heathens!). She and I hung at the latest doga event in Rose park and had a good time. I’m all sortsa tired, so enough typin and more sleepin!


Saturday, May 07, 2005


dog + yoga = doga!

Fun day and the ‘rents even let me run a bit, until they noticed the stitches were thinking about loosening. Can’t have that! Off to Annapolis for the day… Happy Mother’s Day in advance! (That’s Kimberly in the background holding class and me checking out the, ahhh… sights.)