From chicken wings

Party up

Made it back a-ok from the mountains… we’re in party planning mode now here at Casa Louis. We’re designing the big 3 year b-day bash invite tonight. I’ve got some celebs on my list, but Tim and Kimberly don’t think they’ll show. Heh. Imagine their surprise when Brad and Angelina show up with a gift from some high end Hollywood pug boutique… or chicken wings. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!*

Tim got a new computer… he’s barely paying attention to me with that shiny new iMac. Perhaps I’ll pee on something and get his attention. Hmmmm. Oh, reminds me… puppy training ends on Wednesday. Apparently I have to perform a bunch of tricks in a row. We’ll see how that goes…

*To this day, I’m unsure why one would take a surprising revelation and smoke it… humans are weird.

Happy mother’s day!

It’s mother’s day so I came up to the Cha Cha to hang with Tim’s moms… this is his grandmother (so, kinda my great gramma… kinda sorta… if I weren’t a pug). We’re mourning the loss of the Sabres in double OT last night… well, Tim and I are. Hopefully they can buck the trends of the past and win in 6 or 7…

No chicken wings for me on this trip… I did score a piece of Zweigel’s hot dog from Tim’s dad. For some reason Tim said “I didn’t just see that” when he clearly saw it. Weird… I don’t get these people sometimes…

Me and Webster are having a good time… you’ll remember he had some knee surgery, but that seems to be pretty much all healed up. He’s even allowed to run around with me a bunch, so as a consequence we’re prettttttty tired.

Kimberly’s back at the end of the week! Haven’t seen her for nearly a month… hopefully the lax rules will also return… but somehow I doubt it. There seems to be a new priority on something called “heeling” and I have to say, I’m not a fan.

monkey business

It’s no secret I love Canadians… being from western NY (well, born there at least…) I feel like we’re cousins or something. There are times when I have to wonder whether my cousins are a little weird though. Case in point, Maggie the Monkey.

Maggie is employed by TSN… for my American readers, it’s kinda like the ESPN of Canada. Anyways, for the last bunch of years, Maggie’s had one job… spin a wheel and predict the NHL playoffs.

Now, Maggie’s success rate is a little better than 50-50. She picked the Pens and Wild in the first round and we know that didn’t work out for her. Still, she picked both the Wings and the Sabres in the first round, so I think she’s a friggin genius. Check out her first round picks video here. She just spun the wheel for the second round (props to Pyrite for the pointer, yo) and she likes the Sabres again. Suck on THAT Sean Avery*… ya punk!

Annnnnyways… it’s hockey season, and I’m one happy pug. Still miss Kimberly and all, but I have the warm thoughts of Lord Stanley’s Cup parading down the streets of Buffalo… full of chicken wings… and a certain pug munching on them within the Cup’s massive bowl. Sweet dreams everyone!

* Sean Avery is a bit of an agitator… he plays for the Rangers and he’s going to try to get under the skin of my boys from Buffalo. I burf in his general direction. Burf! Sabres in six, yo!

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Today’s the big t-w-o for me here at! To celebrate, I got this galmour shot taken… I’m really quite a striking looking little pug, don’t ya think? Thanks to everyone for making this a big day for me… who knew that a mere 730 days ago, I’d be sitting here with over 20,000 hits and readers from all around the world?

Anyways… let’s all celebrate with a greenie, a dozen wings and some peanut butter, yo!

happy st. patty’s day!

St. Patrick was some cool guy who spooked snakes outta Ireland. I guess that means he gets to be celebrated like St. Valentine. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing St. Valentine did was marry people that weren’t supposed to be married, and got his head chopped off. For that girls get chocolate. Call me a St. Patrick kinda pug, I guess. Spookin’ snakes is much cooler.

Since there’s an Irish element to this holiday, it seems that those of Irish heritage celebrate the snake guy by going out and drinking beer that has green food coloring in it. In fact, it seems the holiday is so popular that people who have no Irish heritage whatsoever sneak into the festivities by wearing green and slapping buttons that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” Sneaky. Seems to work though.

Tim is celebrating his Irish heritage by watching a movie that has nothing to do with St. Patrick or Ireland (except there’s an actress named Catherine O’Hara in it… I guess that counts). This will be done following a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of… um, Chinese food.

What have you done to celebrate your heritage today? Me… I just want some friggin chicken wings to celebrate my western NY-ness, but the powers-that-be have nixed that idea. I’ll bet St. Patrick could steer some snakes over this direction and get that little order reversed pronto… I’m just sayin.

Girls night in means BOYS night out

Lotsa news today. This was me at Kimberly’s studio before I was unceremoniously kicked out because of who I am. No, there was no dogism… just gender bias. Apparently, when she holds an event called “Girls Night In” it means all manners of male beasts, human and canine alike, are tossed out the front door.

No worries… me and Tim are gonna do it up at home tonight. Sabres can clinch over the Sens with a win… it’s chicken wings and beer night! Here’s hoping for a dropped wing or two… maybe a little spilled beer.

By the way, this is Aunt Beena. She rules. Even though I like her, I still peed on stuff before I left. heh… Boys RULE, yo!

UPDATE… a shorthanded OT goal, and my boys from Buffalo have dispatched the very good Ottawa Senators. I smell Stanley, yo!


Today I satisfied a craving that my people have had for several decades.

When I say, “my people” I am of course referring to my western NY lineage. Loyal readers will recall I was born and raised (for 8 weeks at least) in the small enclave of Springwater, a mere hour south of Rochester (affectionately known as “The Cha-Cha”).

While legend has it that the buffalo wing was created at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, wings have proven to be the staple food of choice for those of us from western NY. Except for one thing.

Some dopey vet got it in his head that chicken bones are… get this… BAD for dogs! Suuuuure, they can get brittle and sharp and gouge out my intestinal track! SURE that could lead to painful “deuces!” OF COURSE we should therefore deny this simple pleasure to all dogs, no matter their lineage or relative intelligence!

NO I SAY NO! We must reject these dogist principles in the name of “health” and instead assert out dog-given rights to the mighty (and tasty) chicken wing!

So, today, in a fit of revolutionary furvor, I swallowed an entire wing I found on the street. Granted, it was half eaten, but whatever… it’s hard to get good wings in DC, yo. Anyways, it freaked Kimberly out… she’ll get over it. I enjoyed every last delicious morsel as that bad boy glided right down my gullet. Worth it? You betcha! I swallowed the sucker whole, so no bone issues… just the sweet sweet rejoicing of a stolen chicken wing.

Coulda used some blue cheese though.