From behavior issues

congrats to my new neighbor

I hear I’ll be getting a new neighbor down on Pennsylvania and 16th… and they’ll be bringing along a new dog too! Perhaps he or she (paws crossed for a girl dog! va va va voom!) might have a slightly better temper than the current resident… check out the fangs, yo!

Seriously though, I think Barney’s pretty funny. I also think he’s a bit cranky that the moment DC is about to get a shot of adrenaline, he’s been informed that he’ll be moving to west Texas. Nothing against west Texas, mind you… but I don’t think there’s many decent gourmet organic pet food establishments in Crawford.

Anyways, on behalf of the DC establishment of pooches, best of luck to Barney the fierce and a welcome to the future new dog in the big white house down the block…

cruddy dog park no more?

The dogists at Mitchell Park are basically kicking us out. We’re clean and nice, but they have issues with dogs. I have a theory that they probably got barked at once and wildly misinterpreted the kindly “hello” as “dude, I so want to bite you in the butt.” We need translators to help with the next round of negotiations. Anyways, they sicked the Park Police on us, so we get the boot. Luckily, I’m not one to direct scorn and ridicule in my blog. I’m way bigger than that, yo.

Luckily, the DC Council is looking at making the cruddy dog park at 17th and S to become a full fledged cool dog park sometime soon!
I’ve been sleeping in bed with Juan at Casa Happy Pack… life is good!

the best laid plans of pugs and hounds

So, I was supposed to have a weekend of fun with my boy Furley, but I made the mistake of running directly into his cage and then licking his mom. Furley was displeased with this and got all in my face. He was like woof woof, growl, woof woof… so I was all burf burf – burf burf burf (I don’t take kindly to people woofin’ in my grill, even if it’s my boy Furley). Anyways, we tried to hug it out, but it was pretty apparent that staying there was going to be an issue this weekend. Problem was, Kimberly and Tim were jetting down to South Florida for some business, and the place they were staying at had some dogist neighbors that woulda ratted me out. Soooo… an early morning phone call to my boy Juan, and I’m staying at Casa Happy Pack! I love Juan, as you know. He treats me so good that I decided to be a model for him for his new website.

People blog on behalf of their dogs? Yeesh.

So, CNN has this whole article on weird people who write their pets’ blogs. Please. What kind of psycho would do that!?

Tim’s going to California for the week, so it’s rule free week… then I get to hang with my boy Clifford at the end of the week when Kimberly goes off to New York. Woohoo! I’m gonna run wild, yo…

Happy Easter everyone! I got an easter egg cookie from Doggie Style bakery!